LAP-BAND Information

LAP-BAND Surgery Information

Laparoscopic Gastric Band Placement, also known as LAP-BAND® Surgery, is a minimally invasive operation which helps you lose weight, with fewer risks than any other type of weight loss surgery.

The LAP-BAND is an adjustable band that is placed around the upper portion of your stomach that gently constricts your stomach to form a small pouch. This smaller stomach will slow the passage of food, giving you the feeling of being full even though you are eating considerably less. You should gradually lose 1-3 pounds a week in the first year and your LAP-BAND is adjustable to make sure that you lose the most amount of weight possible, while ensuring that you get all the nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy.

The LAP-BAND procedure is the safest weight loss surgery that you can get, and all of our surgeons are certified as experts by Allergan, the makers of the LAP-BAND® .

LAP-BAND surgery is minimally invasive and while you may be at the center for 4 to 5 hours, the actual LAP-BAND procedure usually only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to perform. You will be put under general anesthesia for the surgery and your LAP-BAND surgeon will make a few small, 1-centimeter incisions in order to place the LAP-BAND around the upper portion of your stomach. The surgeon skillfully uses a small camera called the laparoscope to make sure the band is placed and secured properly.

There is absolutely no cutting or stapling of the stomach and the LAP-BAND procedure is fully reversible if needed. Moreover, the LAP-BAND is adjustable and an adjustment does not require any surgical procedure. Each LAP-BAND fill or adjustment will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of food that you can eat at a meal before feeling full. This personally tailored approach guarantees that you will lose the most weight possible without having to feel hungry while getting all of the nutrition your body needs.

Before considering LAP-BAND Surgery, it is very important to consult a LAP-BAND surgeon in order to find out if the LAP-BAND is right for you. We offer many FREE LAP-BAND seminars around Southern California each month, as well as FREE consultations where you can personally meet with a LAP-BAND Surgeon to answer all of your questions and receive a tour of our facilities. To find a seminar near you or to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons, call us directly at 1-855-690-0560.

Your personal health is extremely important to us! While the general requirements for the LAP-BAND are listed below, we urge you to fill out our FREE LAP-BAND Evaluation Form to see if your personal battle with weight may qualify you for the procedure.

LAP-BAND GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (Personal Requirements May Vary)

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 40, or a BMI of at least 35 with a life-threatening, weight-related health condition, such as high blood pressure (hypertension) or type 2 diabetes.
  • You have had a high BMI for at least 5 years.
  • You do not drink alcohol in excess.
  • You are in general good health and are not overweight as a result of an underlying medical condition.
  • You are ready to make a serious decision to change your lifestyle and will be committed to tackling the rigors of the pre-operative nutritional program.
  • You are willing to abide by your doctor’s orders after surgery. This will include eating less than you are currently and avoiding foods that can cause bloating and stomach discomfort. Your doctor might also prescribe a vitamin and mineral supplement to help you avoid the risk of nutritional deficiencies after getting the lap band. You must be available for ongoing monitoring by your surgeon, as well as regular appointments to adjust the tension of your lap band to maximize your results.

At LAP-BAND VIP, you are our most important patient! Call us now at 855-690-0560 or fill out our FREE LAP-BAND Evaluation Form to see if you qualify for the LAP-BAND!

The LAP-BAND is a commitment to a longer, happier, and healthier life. We will be by your side every step of the way!

LAP-BAND Success Stories


Occupation: Realtor Height: 6' 1" Date of LAP-BAND Surgery: 07/30/2010

Larry BEFORE Weight Before: 350 lbs
Larry AFTER Weight After: 240 lbs
“I am more active and starting to do things I like again, like surfing, diving and dating! ”


Occupation: Licensed Vocational Nurse Height: 5' 4" Date of LAP-BAND Surgery: 8 years 32 weeks ago

Lori BEFORE Weight Before: 322 lbs
Lori AFTER Weight After: 222 lbs
"I actually look forward to each and every day now"